Our Facilities

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Green Room

Toddler Area
This room is designed for the 0-3 year olds. The open plan room for the toddlers is fun and a stimulating environment designed to encourage children’s potential and development.

The space contains a comfortable book area to encourage learning language and literacy skills as well as tables and chairs used for various activities.

Other areas provide a large range of learning, creative and developmental equipment and are stocked with educational resources and toys to entice children to play and grow in a positive environment.

Baby Area
The second section is designed for the babies. Here there are cots, play areas, mats and developmentally appropriate toys which are all used to benefit the babies in an area of their own.

Milk Kitchen

On the lower floor there is small kitchen area which is designed for milk and food preparation as well as giving children the opportunity to participate in cooking activities.

Yellow Room

The first floor is called the yellow room and designed for the children over three years old. The open plan format supports the needs of each individual child’s development with areas designated for creative play, art, information technology, construction, messy play as well as our relaxation, tactile and sensory room.

Our toys and educational resources are based around the Foundation Stage principles and are used in conjunction with play, planned activities and other educational materials.

These resources encourage each child to explore and develop new and existing skills while gaining understanding of the community and environment around them.

Baby Changing Facilities

The nursery has a separate baby changing room with a nappy changing policy.

Each baby has a named basket in which parents provide all personal items such as nappies, creams, wipes and spare clothing.

Potty training will be encouraged when your toddler is ready.

Bathroom Facilities

There are separate children’s toilets with low level sinks and temperature regulated taps.

The children’s awareness of personal hygiene is encouraged, such as general washing of hands and face as well as the importance of dental care.

Outdoor Facilities

The nursery has a very large outdoor area. The grounds include a crop area which enables children to plant and grow their own vegetables, trees and plants.

Our outdoor curricular programmes give the children a hands-on approach to learning about science, nature, food health and understanding of the environment that surrounds us

Our outdoor facility promotes learning and growth in all developmental areas. Equipment areas and resources include garden toys, a play area, sandpits, play house, climbing frames, swings, pets and a picnic area.

We encourage new experiences and allow the children to manipulate and evaluate their ideas. We have a great emphasis on outdoor play as we believe children develop and gain learning opportunities using the Early Years Foundation Stage (DfES 2007/2008) to incorporate all aspects of the curriculum in an outdoor environment.

There are many benefits when children are exposed to fresh air and regular physical activity.